PETA Business Friends

One common goal

PETA Business Friends is an innovative partnership for compassionate companies willing to assist in PETA’s groundbreaking work to stop animal abuse and suffering.

People for the ethical treatment of animals – PETA need our financial support in order to stop animal cruelty.

We do not need a great deal of wealth to make a difference—every dollar means an extra chance for an animal in need! Together, we can support a good cause and make the world a better place for all beings.

That’s why we have decided to donate instantly 10% from every purchase in order to help animals suffering and dying on factory farms, in the fur industry, in laboratories, and in circuses and other forms of entertainment.

Our support is vital if we are to make a lasting difference to animal’s lives. Upon purchasing one of our products you will receive an email confirming that 10% of the purchase price has been donated in your name to People for the ethical treatment of animals – PETA.

Let Us Support a Good Cause Together!